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Metal packaging

Metal containers add versatility and differentiation to the brand
Metal packaging have evolved dramatically in recent years covering a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs. The industry continues to research and innovate to meet the needs of increasingly demanding consumers.

The advances have resulted in significant improvements, with increasingly easier and more convenient systems to open and close metal containers. Technological developments also include the incorporation of intelligent formats that provide real-time information about the temperature and quality of the products contained, handling instructions, transportation and storage to which they have been exposed to.
Metal packaging
The market trend is towards more exclusive and costumed made packaging that further maintain the inviolability of the product and ensure their unique and inimitable character. In this sense, it is possible to find metal packaging with engraved printing, fluorescent inks or holograms impossible to reproduce, besides more attractive decorations including six color inks.

This innovation allows to produce packaging adapted to the specific needs of each client with fully differentiated forms and features, which provide strong visual impact in the shelves and key differentiation to final consumers. After all, innovation sells packaging, and packaging sells products.
Metal recycles for ever
The fundamental characteristics of metal containers is that they are made with natural elements that maintain their physical properties forever. Unlike other materials, metal can be recycled countless times and even after processing, it keeps all its properties and remain available for future generations. Metal components are never lost, they just adopt different forms through time. Metal containers can be recovered, melted again and transformed into another product. For example: a bike can be built with 700 cans while 1,678 aerosols can be converted into a wheelchair.
Metal packaging
metal packaging
recycled in Spain
in 2014
Metal is the packaging material most recycled in Spain.
Metal packaging has a recycling rate of 83.6%, exceeding the targets set by the EU, which makes Spain among the country with best performance. The separation and recycling of metals is a simple and highly efficient process since these are separated from household waste by magnetic extraction devices or eddy currents. The environmental commitment of the sector is to continue working to ensure that all metal containers are deposited in the yellow containers and thus achieve a recycling rate of 100%.
The smart solution for the Industry
The metal packaging has undergone major technological advances in recent years and is now offered in a wide range of shapes, sizes, designs, and finishes, which make it the most intelligent solution for the industry and for future generations.

Metal containers are unbreakable, withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, and offer a complete barrier against light and oxygen. They are perfect for product safety.

Thanks to its strength and stiffness, metal containers are filled at high speed with virtually no loss of product and can be easily transported and stored, optimizing time and space: up to 10,000 cans of 80 gr. fit in 1 cubic meter.

Metal containers are increasingly lighter, with all the benefits that this entails for transportation and the environment. In the last 20 years, steel containers and aluminum cans have become a 33% and 28% lighter. In 1980 the traditional tin can had a thickness of 0.22mm, while packaging today have around 0.10 mm thickness. Yet, there is still room for reduction due to the nature of the material supplied.
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